10 Best Vegan Food Products in Vancouver

Contributed by Erica Van Driel and Sami Rix from in the oven vegan bakery in Vancouver.

1. Yummus

This yummy hummus is exactly what it claims to be. Yash has worked hard to perfect his yummus. He’s gone further and created 4 flavours: classic, smoked, moroccan and honey. The honey is not vegan, but the other three are 100% vegan friendly. Our favourite is smoked. It is perfectly seasoned with smoked paprika that gives just the right amount of smokiness. We paired it with our favourite falafel recipe and it was amazing!

Yummus Hummus Vancouver

2. Pâté Pastiche

Pâté Pastiche is a line of vegan and gluten-free pâtés with delicious flavours like market herb, forest mushroom, sunshine tomato and golden squash & sage. We’ve indulged in a few different flavours and have never been disappointed! Spread it on bread, crackers, whatever you can find.

Pate Pastiche

3. Good Girl Bad Girl Preserves

Good Girl Bad Girl Preserves is the mastermind preserve company created by two amazingly talented girls in Vancouver. This ain’t your regular pickling company! They take pickling to a whole new level. Their most popular products are their star anise pickled beets, spicy bourbon pickled beans, and lemon thyme and basil carrots. That got your attention didn’t it? They also offering pickling classes so you can learn the art behind the product.

Good Girl Bad Girl Preserves

4. Earnest Ice Cream

Ben and Erica take their ice cream earnestly – and even better for us vegans, they feature some vegan options! Coconut kaffir lime and vegan chocolate are both 100% vegan friendly. And seriously, what vegan isn’t dying for a creamy luscious pot of ice cream?! This duo is now opening up their very own ice cream shop in Vancouver which can only lead to bad things. Well, in terms of our already excessive ice cream intake that is…

Earnest Ice Cream Vancouver

5. Granville Island Beer

Vegan beer? Wha? Yes, sad to say that not all beer is vegan. Unfortunately a lot of breweries rely on animal products to filter their beer. Luckily, Granville Island Brewing offers some vegan options. Everything in bottles and kegs (except their honey lager) is vegan friendly. Our personal favourite Robson St. Hefeweizen.

6. Cartems Donuts

They have vegan donuts. ‘Nuf said. Ok, we’ll expand! Cartems Donuterie has a huge range of gourmet donuts and included in that range are two delicious vegan donuts: chocolate glazed and maple glazed chocolate. We’ve been lucky enough to indulge in them and were not disappointed. It’s a delicious cakey donut with a rich chocolate taste. They currently have a pop-up shop in the Gastown area in Vancouver as well as selling at different shops.

7. Vancouver Island Salt Co Sea Salts

Vancouver Island Salt Co is Canada’s first commercial Sea Salt harvestry, specializing in hand harvested sea salt, infused sea salts and smoked Canadian rock salts. Owner Andrew Shepherd creates dozens of flavours of salt and every one of them is vegan friendly (except the blue cheese infusion).  Now this is the thing to really jazz up a meal… try flavour infusions like roasted garlic, balsamic vinegar and spiced paprika or the popular maple smoked Canadian rock salt. They cover it all!

Vancouver Island Salt Co

8. Zimt Chocolate

Zimt founder Emma wanted to create an ethical chocolate for people to enjoy. From an early age she gained awareness of different ethical issues that are associated with the food we consume. Emma aims to create decadent chocolate that is also organic, raw, vegan and supports fair trade. Using only the coconut and cocoa bean plant she transforms the basic chocolate bar. Adding in real ingredients she created eight delicious flavours . We suggest trying the ‘Salt of the Earth’ – cacao butter, coconut nectar, cacao powder and Red Alaea Sea Salt.

Zimt Chocolate Vancouver

9. Pizzeria Farina Olive Oil

Pizzeria Farina is just what you think, a pizzeria. They are located on Main Street in Vancouver and offer a serve-yourself concept in order to inspire a sense of community. Now, we know their pizza isn’t a vegan product, it sounds like anything but! However, they sell two house-made olive oils that they have infused with chili and oregano. Now that is a product a vegan can enjoy! Finish off a dish with a drizzle of this goodness and you’ll find yourself buying a new bottle before you know it.

10. Caramels by [in the oven]

We know we know, we had to! Vegan products in Vancouver, you can’t blame us for mentioning our own caramels! But seriously, we think they’re great and they are vegan, as well as gluten-free! We feature five flavours: smoked salt, maple pecan, coconut, lime and dark chocolate coffee. We also are working on a few other products, so stay tuned!

in the oven vegan bakery Vancouver

Have other great vegan food suggestions? Let us know! If you’re looking to buy vegan food online, check out the amazing variety of products made by small food producers selling on FoodiePages.ca.

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