Foodie Gifts: Joel Solish, co-creator of Death Row Meals

Foodie Gift Ideas

With the holidays just around the corner, we asked some top tastemakers in the food community to curate their own gift guides from our marketplace.

Joel Solish is the founder of Culinary Creative, a branding & communications agency based in Toronto, as well as co-creator of the popular Death Row Meals Supper Club which brings together some of Toronto’s best chefs to prepare an unforgettable meal that would be fit to be your last! Here, Joel tells us his top gift picks for the holidays.

1. Maple Smoked Canadian Rock Salt from Vancouver Island Salt Co.

There are few ingredients more important in your pantry than good quality finishing salts, and you can’t get much better in Canada than the product produced by B.C.’s Vancouver Island Salt Co. Its application can be as simple as sprinkled on buttered toast, or on a nicely seared salmon filet.

2. Fresh Ontario Garlic from Green Valley Garlic

Please, whatever you do stop buying the awful garlic in the grocery store that comes from China, and the California stuff is only a passable fix in emergencies in my house. If you cannot grow it yourself, do your family and guests a favour and buy garlic from an Ontario farm, because we grow the very best garlic in this province. Green Valley Garlic is thankfully available on Foodie Pages, but are sold out for the season, so buy early next year!

3. All Purpose BBQ Rub Seasoning from Cluck & Squeal

If you aren’t a master chef in the kitchen some of the best things you can own are good cookbooks, marinades, and spice rubs like that from Cluck & Squeal of Waterdown ON. Roast a chicken or pork shoulder, slow and low, after applying this spice rub, and you are guaranteed full bellies and big smiles.

4. Amber from Drip Maple

We live in Canada, the True North Strong and Free, and one of our identifiers is the maple. So, why do kitchens around the country settle for sub-standard syrups (a lot not even including any maple!). No longer is there an excuse with the availability of great, and now artisanal, packaged really high quality maple syrups. A great one available on Foodie Pages is the entire line from Drip Maple. I have focused on the Amber for my needs, I like its darker flavour without overpowering your favourite breakfast food.

5. Lavender Shortbread from Evelyn’s Crackers

Evelyn’s Crackers makes some of the best crackers you have ever tasted, but have you tried their shortbread? Heavenly. I am obsessed with these, and always keep some on hand in my pantry for those late night (or early morning) sweet tooth moments. With a focus on natural and organic ingredients that you can taste in the quality of the finished product how can you go wrong? Lavender, say no more, right?

6. Pristine Gourmet Gift Box

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about someone that I am proud to work with in my professional life, which is Jason Persall from Pristine Gourmet. Jason makes locally grown cold pressed extra-virgin oils from canola, soy and sunflower, as well as a line of infused wine vinegars (Maple Vidal, Buleberry Baco Noir and Raspberry Baco Noir) and frozen GMO-free edamame (not available on Foodie Pages at this time). With our Gourmet Oil & Vinegar Box you can mix and match to personalize a gift for the foodie in your life.

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