Find The Best Grass Fed Butter in Toronto

Grass Fed Butter and Milk Toronto

I’m always on the lookout for grass fed butter and dairy because it’s not only the tastiest, but also the healthiest and highest quality. Even more so than organic grain-fed milk products. So with a little research I’ve compiled a list of suggested grass fed butter brands that you can find in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

1. Organic Meadow

Organic Meadow cannot claim that their butter is from 100% grass-fed cows as they are a Co-operative and each farm is independently owned and operated –  what happens on each farm is slightly different depending on the cow breed, the soil type, the amount of land that they have, etc. Look for their specially-marked “Pasture Butter” label to help you identify that your butter was produced at the height of grazing season (May – Sept).


2. L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory

L’Ancêtre’s organic cows have access to pasture from May to mid-October when they can graze outside. Outside of this period, the farmers ensure that grass or hay makes up a minimum of 60% of the cows’ total feed.  The other 40%  is made up of organic grains like barley, soy, corn, oat and wheat. You can find L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory cheese and butter at healthy food stores and grocers in Toronto and across Ontario. 


Where do you go to buy grass fed butter and dairy in Toronto?

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