Chef Jeremy Charles’ 5 Favourite Tastes of Newfoundland

Newfoundland has got to be one of the top Canadian destinations for all things wild! The coastal province not only has access to phenomenal atlantic fish and seafood, but also incredible wild edibles and wild game. We asked chef Jeremy Charles of Raymonds Restaurant in St. John’s what his 5 favourite tastes of Newfoundland. We figured he’d have some pretty good insight as an avid fisherman, hunter and knowledgable forager.

#1: Moose Meat

jeremy with moose

Unlike most other provinces, Newfoundland has far fewer restrictions to serving wild game on the menu. One of the reasons why Raymond’s Restaurant is so unique, is Chef can actually go out and hunt for his own moose to then later serve on the menu at the restaurant.

#2: Chanterelle Mushrooms

jeremy with mushroom

These delicate morsels are plentiful in both western and eastern Canada. Chanterelles are considered one of the most sought after wild edibles with a fruity aroma and a peppery apricot taste.

#3: Atlantic Salmon 


Most salmon that we are familiar with out of the Atlantic are from salmon farms off the coast, but beautiful atlantic salmon are also found spawning in rivers and fresh water lakes.

#4: Cloudberries (also known as Bakeapple berries)


Native to our arctic tundra, cloudberries or known to locals as ‘bakeapples’, have found their way to Newfoundland and Labrador. They are golden in colour and resemble a raspberry or blackberry.

#5: Cod tongue

cod tongue

A traditional dish that is making a comeback is cod tongue. It’s not actually the fish’s tongue but a gelatinous bit of flesh from its throat. When Jeremy was young he spent time on the docks collecting cod tongues from discarded fish heads. Often an ‘acquired taste’ cod tongues are traditionally served battered and fried.

#6: Partridge (bonus selection!)


And a partridge in a pear tree! To round out Chef Jeremy’s top 5, a wild bird was a must! These small ground birds are full of dark meat and require a bit of skill to cook well, but when done just right… amazing!

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