Smoked Mustard Sauce from Chef Guy Rawlings

Montgomery's Toronto

by: Chef Guy Rawlings of Montgomery’s

This sauce is lovely accompanying a cheese or charcuterie board, in sandwiches or served along side roasted meats. 

1 soft boiled egg
1 anchovy
90g cider vinegar
30g Dijon mustard
185g cold pressed Ontario canola oil or oil of your choice
35g of smoked mustard

Blend together on high speed till smooth: Egg, anchovy, vinegar, Dijon mustard

With blender set to medium low, stream in oil till emulsified. Take emulsion out of blender and fold in smoked mustard by hand.

How to use:
Cabbage w/ fermented wild grapes & smoked mustard sauce
Rillette w/ raw turnip, smoked mustard sauce & crispy pigs ears

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