November Tasting Box Revealed!

Nov Tasting Box

The November Tasting Box was packed with our latest food discoveries from Canadian makers. Love what you see? Don’t miss out on the next Tasting Box. Order your box here!

Bang Go The Mangos! Mango Chutney made by Saucy Gramma
You will find generous mango pieces with a rich creamy texture and a blend of enticing aromatic spices.  Loaded with fresh flavours, this chutney pairs beautifully with sweet creamy cheeses, shrimp, chicken or sweet potatoes. Saucy Gramma’s personal favourite is a Grilled Brie and Chutney Sandwich!  Warning: an open jar in your refrigerator may have you sneaking to the kitchen for a midnight snack?

Sizzle Sauce made by Quiet Valley Sauce and Vine
Husband and wife team Greg Montfort and Jennifer Potter left city life and moved to a 50 acre farm in the Beaver Valley. Combining their talents as corporate caterer (Greg) and classical singer (Jennifer), they set out to create an agritourism experience by planting 5 acres of vines which are now in their third year. Sizzle Sauce is their first commercial venture, carefully crafted to enhance – not mask – the natural flavour of your food. Use it as a grilling sauce, marinade or condiment for perfect results!

Savoury Granola and Topper made by SVRY
This new Ottawa-based brand makes savoury, veggie-forward products in categories currently dominated by sweet and sugary options. This topper is their first product – a grain-free blend of high quality freeze dried vegetables, lemon roasted almonds, hemp seeds, bright herbs and warm spices. A scoop added to yogurt, oatmeal, scrambles or power-bowls adds a full serving of vegetable and a source of protein, fibre, vitamin C and magnesium. It’s grain-free and packs all of the nutrition, flavour and texture of real vegetables and savoury spices into a small package perfect to stash in an office drawer, gym bag or back pack.

Partake IPA made by Partake Brewing
When Ted gave up alcohol five years ago due to a medical condition, a friend suggested he try non-alcoholic beer.  Trouble was, it all tasted awful.  So, he launched Partake Brewing to bring all the things that make craft beer great to non-alcoholic beer drinkers including taste, variety, authenticity, creativity, and passion.  This award winning craft brew is made using all natural ingredients,  and balances citrusy hops with a subtle malt backbone.  A light, bubbly body and dry finish make it an all-day sipper that packs an incredible amount of flavour.  

Sneaky BBQ Sauce made by Momma Mari’s
This family owned business in Orillia ON believes that food is all about family and friends. Using handed down recipes they create delicious, healthy, gluten free dressings and sauces that your family will be sure to love. Their signature Sneaky Momma slowly releases her true comical colours, beginning with a fairly sweet smile; then, when you least expect it, her flavours bite back.

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