La Dee Da, Rebranded!

Interview with La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces

Made with local, deliciously fresh ingredients and free of preservatives and  additives, La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces are are a one-stop-shop for quick, weeknight pastas or for adding extra oomph to your own kitchen creations.

Recently, the company out of Stoney Creek, Ontario decided to shed their skin and revealed a colourful and fun new brand for their popular sauces. We loved it so much we had a few questions to ask them about the rebrand and more.

We love that your sauces are made with ingredients that are sourced from close to home. Why was that important to you?

La Dee Da: When we originally set out to make a ‘sauce’ business, we did a ton of research in the market to see what was missing. It was very clear there was a lack of really good, wholesome, locally sourced ingredient products. We set off to start building relationships with farmers, meeting local wineries in the Niagara region as we wanted to help support other likeminded business and to help sustain the accessibility of one local company to another. We wanted to thrive and we wanted other businesses to do the same. This was important to us as a core value of our company motto.

We’re loving the new look! What inspired the idea to rebrand the sauces?

La Dee Da: Our new look was inspired by our amazing consumers! As a company, we do many demos of our products to get people trying them, educating them and essentially gaining a lifelong customer. In doing these demos in all our stores, we really listened to our customers, what we heard quite often is “if you’re Vegan, why aren’t you saying so on your jar?” or “we love the no additives/no preservatives, where is it on your label?” and our real turning point was “what can I do with it?”. And so began our journey of not only producing a great product, but also educating our consumers when we couldn’t be in front of them.

FoodiePages: The Mushroom Basil and White Wine Sauce is one of our favourite sauces ever. Tell us a few ways you like to use it when cooking at home.

La Dee Da: Our Savoury Mushroom Basil Sauce is one that we hold near and dear. When one of the owners Mary couldn’t eat dairy, we really had to figure out how to make a ‘cream sauce’ without using any dairy. So began the R&D into this yummy sauce. We finally have created something that is not only great on pasta or meats (if you chose to eat it) but also as an amazing ‘starter’ sauce (a great way to flavour enhance your stir-fry’s or your pot pies or your soups)!

FoodiePages: You’ve just released your newest sauce, a nightshade-free pasta sauce made with butternut squash and beets. Tell us how this sauce came to be and why it was important to create a nightshade free sauce.

La Dee Da: Our newest member of the La Dee Da Family is our Butternut Squash Beet Sauce. We are super proud of this one especially because once again, we feel we have created something that is lacking in the market. A sauce made for people who are intolerant of nightshade veggies! From certain peppers and potatoes to eggplants or tomatoes, some people just cannot digest these vegetables. This means individuals with inflammatory diseases like rheumatism, arthritis, and gout may do well to steer clear of nightshade veggies. With Jo Anne and Marlow, the two other owners, having issues with arthritis, we knew we had to create a healthy and useful sauce. After months of  researching, mixing ingredients and plenty of laughs in the kitchen, we were confident in our product and brought it to life in the kitchen!

FoodiePages: Do you each have a favourite sauce? If so, how do you like to use it?

La Dee Da: We truthfully and honestly can’t pick any ‘one’ sauce that is our favourite; however, we are all pretty good ‘wanna be chefs’ so here are a few of our favourite recipe ideas!

Spicy Sweet Wine Relish is fantastic with brie (or if alternately you don’t eat dairy, try a cashew-based cheese). A simple recipe is to top the brie with 3 tablespoons of relish, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted pecans, and a drizzle of honey. Bake at 350 degrees till she bubbles and boom, baked brie!

12 Veggie Tomato Sauce is the simplest ingredient you will need for a fantastic chili. Simply pour a jar into a pot along with a can of white kidney beans, 2 tablespoons of Spicy Sweet Wine Relish, a tablespoon of cumin, ground turkey meat (or substitute with your favourite meatless protein) and voila, you have chili!

Butternut Squash Beet Sauce is fabulous over pasta, as a soup base and even as a dipping
sauce for mozzarella or zucchini sticks!

However you use La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces, we know that you will be a hit in the kitchen! Visit La Dee Da Gourmet Sauce‘s online store to see the full collection.

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