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Anthony Carone

At FoodiePages, supporting local makers is our number one goal. We love knowing the ingredients and products we source have a story behind them, real families working hard to create unique goods made with love, by hand, that you can enjoy.

In our new series we explore the story behind the day-to-day lives of our Canadian vendors. Today, we introduce Anthony Carone of Vignoble Carone Wines in Quebec. Enjoy!


Your alarm goes off. What’s the first thing you do each morning?

I don’t have an alarm. I am by default an early riser. Usually I will go downstairs and make a pot of coffee. Then I will sit in my sunroom and watch the sun rise, lighting up the vineyard. I will enjoy my coffee in solitude until my 5 year old daughter comes downstairs to sit on the couch with me.

What’s your favourite part of the workday, the thing you always look forward to doing?

Walking the long rows of grapes and observing their progress throughout the growing season.

Alternatively, what’s your most challenging task of the day?

Tying vines. I hate tying vines. In French we call this stage “faire le pallisage des vignes”. It takes weeks and I despise this phase very much.

What are you finding most exciting in the wine industry these days?

I live in Quebec, and to me, the most exciting part of the industry is seeing the new generation of growers come of age. The ones that have paid attention to those before them and now use their knowledge to produce even better wines from our land. I love giving these new winemakers lots of advice and they love hearing about the challenges I faced when I was their age.

Do you have an unexpected food and wine pairing you’re loving?

Sauvignon Blanc from Australia with Quebec asparagus. A most outrageous and unexpected great pairing. Simple but delicious.

After a long work day, do you have a go-to meal you make?

Venison with our ITALUS red wine. The nebbiolo grape is just perfect with that game meat.

If you had to choose, what would be your last glass of wine ever?

 Sangiovese wine made by my father. He passed away 11 years ago and only a few bottles remain.


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