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Discover Rallis Ice Pressed Olive Oil

  Olive oil has always been celebrated for it’s luscious flavour and many health benefits –  it’s a fast-growing product and an essential ingredient for chefs and home cooks everywhere. But you might be surprised to learn that when you’re buying, … Read more…
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Crispy Avocado Tacos from The First Mess Cookbook

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Discover Bonbites’ Delicious Energy Balls

  Let me ask you something. When was the last time you ate a bunch of bite-sized treats without saying to yourself I need to go to the gym tomorrow!? Since forever, right? For those who can’t resist reaching for a … Read more…
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Erin Ireland’s Healthy Soft Serve Banana Ice Cream

  Now this is a good one. For all those times you’re craving a delicious, creamy and refreshing summer treat, don’t reach for the ice cream. Reach for the frozen bananas instead (trust me, you will have a stash in the … Read more…
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Hibiscus Tea Benefits

  Chef Wayne Morris of Borealia in Toronto has included Hibiscus Tea in his March CHEF’S BOX. He creatively turned this delicious tea into a dessert sauce for his Lizor Torte recipe with cloudberry preserve. We’ve taken a look at … Read more…
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The Top Health Benefits of Ghee

  Our newest vendor, Lee’s Ghee, shares the benefits of ghee and why you should make the switch to healthier butter options. Read on to find out what she has to say. 
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Where to Buy Organic Chicken in Toronto

 Knowing where our food comes from is important to us here at FoodiePages. And we know it’s important to you too! We’ve been asked by our customers where they can find some of the best foods in and around Toronto. … Read more…
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Chicken Recipes Roundup: Cooking With All Parts!

 Nose-to-tail cooking is becoming the new norm in the food world as chef’s move to creative menus featuring all parts of an animal, reducing waste and sustainably supporting local farmers. I wouldn’t say that chickens technically have a nose, or … Read more…
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Healthy Snacking Tips with GORP Clean Energy Bars

 The New Year calls for healthy resolutions; particularly surrounding our eating habits. We have asked several of our foodie vendors to share some of their favourite healthy recipes. GORP Clean Energy Bars, of Niverville, Manitoba, has an exciting snacking concept … Read more…
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Canadian Sea Salt: East vs. West

  Sea Salt – besides all the health benefits, it ultimately just tastes better than table salt. Ever thought of salt as having it’s own terroir, or regionally based flavour? It’s true, and we’ve found our favourite sea salts from … Read more…
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