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La Dee Da, Rebranded!

  Made with local, deliciously fresh ingredients and free of preservatives and  additives, La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces are are a one-stop-shop for quick, weeknight pastas or for adding extra oomph to your own kitchen creations. Recently, the company out of … Read more…
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Discover Rallis Ice Pressed Olive Oil

  Olive oil has always been celebrated for it’s luscious flavour and many health benefits –  it’s a fast-growing product and an essential ingredient for chefs and home cooks everywhere. But you might be surprised to learn that when you’re buying, … Read more…
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Breakfast In the Simple Bites Kitchen with Aimee Wimbush-Bourque

  We’ve become a society that thrives in a go-go-go environment, so when we hear about makers and creators who take the time to slooow down and prioritize time spent around the table with loved ones, we have the same questions … Read more…
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You’re Invited! Our 3rd Annual Foodie Holiday Market

  We’re less than a month away from our 3rd annual Foodie Holiday Market popping up Saturday, December 16th to Sunday, December 17th at an incredible new venue – the Toronto Botanical Garden! To say we’re anxious to look, taste, … Read more…
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Meet Drizzle Honey + Honey Recipe Spotlight

  Knowing where, and who, our food comes from has always been one of our missions at Foodiepages; meeting and learning about new Canadian artisan food makers never fails to excite and inspire us. And what’s better, being able to … Read more…
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Jeremy Charles’ Pancakes with Haskap Maple Syrup

  Jeremy Charles, chef of the treasured St John’s, Newfoundland restaurant The Merchant Tavern and advocate for all things local, shares with us some of his favourite East Coast artisan Food Makers in this month’s CHEF’S BOX, as well as … Read more…
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The Preserving Revolution, with Camilla Wynne

  With a debut cookbook, Home Preserves, recently launched in English, we spoke to professional preserver Camilla Wynne to find out why every meal tastes better with preserves, pickles and condiments. People tend to be either too scared of canning or not scared … Read more…
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Discover Bonbites’ Delicious Energy Balls

  Let me ask you something. When was the last time you ate a bunch of bite-sized treats without saying to yourself I need to go to the gym tomorrow!? Since forever, right? For those who can’t resist reaching for a … Read more…
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Studio Visit: looks like white ceramics

  Everyone knows that white never goes out of style, so why should your tabletop? Investing in classic white tableware and accessories is a must for any foodie who loves to entertain. One of my more recent discoveries is Montreal-based ceramicist Trudy … Read more…
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Le Meadow’s Pantry Handcrafted Preserves

  I recently discovered Le Meadow’s Pantry luscious flavourful jams, and fell in love with her products. A homegrown Vancouver-based business specializing in seasonal, small batch preserves, Le Meadow’s Pantry was born out of founder Genevieve Blanchet’s love for foraging, dream of entrepreneurship, and … Read more…
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