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Let's Get Cozy (Women-Owned Brands)


Let's raise a glass to the lady makers! This box celebrates women artisans who've got it all - inspiration, talent and great taste. Each product is not only the best of it's kind but also produced by a female-owned and operated small business.

Winter Walks and Wooly Socks Candle // Coal and Canary. Before starting Coal and Canary, Amanda Buhse worked as a graphic designer and marketing executive. Her creativity is the inspiration behind Coal and Canary. This candle is a crisp and energizing blend of winterberry, teakwood and sage that is reminiscent of a winter walk through the forest. 

DIY Face Mask Kit // Make This Universe. Jessye started MTU in 2018 as a way to channel her obsession for crafting with her love of design and branding. The trained Industrial Designer set out to make great DIY sets for people that would also be better for the environment. 

Drink of the Gods Ultimate Drinking Chocolate // Laura Slack. A graduate of Vancouver’s Ecole Chocolat, Toronto-based chocolate maker Laura Slack doubles as a pastry chef and considers her chocolates to be "edible art".

Organic Masala Chai Tea // Genuine Tea. Sarah and David met in 2008 at a ski resort in B.C. - Sarah, a Canadian and Dave, an English gentleman. Being a Brit, Dave drank his cuppas on the regular and Sarah soon became a tea lover too. After traveling across Asia to visit tea plantations, they returned to Canada with a simple dream - to share their love of tea and adventure with others.

Each collection is delivered in a locally designed, recyclable gift box. Please allow up to 1-3 business days processing time (prior to the shipping method selected at checkout). If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering.