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1195 Front Road, St. Williams, Ontario

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Blueberry Hill Estates is a unique Norfolk County experience.

The oldest commercial high bush blueberry operation in Ontario is also home to a seasonal farm market, winery and events space and sugar bush.

Our family-owned and operated business has been open in Ontario's beautiful South Coast Region since 2005.
In May 1974, Ontario’s first high bush blueberry operation was created from a converted tobacco farm. The well-drained acidic soils made blueberries the ideal crop for these 20-acres in Norfolk County. In 1992, the farm was sold and the original homestead was torn down and rebuilt. The Vranckx family purchased the property in 2005 and renamed it Blueberry Hill Estates. Their concept was to make the farm a sustainable model, including a winery retail store, café, banquet hall and on-site farm market.

Since the farm has been under the ownership of the Vranckx family, improvements have been made to the land to repair washouts, rejuvenate wildlife and minimize the carbon footprint by being stewards to the land. In addition, because of the various operations being conducted on the estate, it has become the site for an agricultural farm tour company.

The family invites you to come pick-your-own blueberries during the summer season, visit the farm market for freshly pick blueberries and other local produce, sample some Ontario South Coast wine and enjoy a complete Norfolk County experience.
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