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Vignoble CARONE Wines


75 Roy, Lanoraie, Québec

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CARONE Wines' have been served to the British royalty, received outstanding reviews by leading wine experts and are poured for clients across the globe. CARONE's premium Quebec-made wines are limited production and are almost always sold out upon release, with high-end restaurants, select retailers and private clients grabbing up the wine faster than ever before.
CARONE is a limited-production, premium estate winery located along the St. Lawrence River in the Lanaudière valley, Quebec’s fastest developing wine growing region. CARONE currently offers its wines under four product brands – VENICE, DOUBLE BARREL, BIN 33 and CLASSICO – and the Company expects to expand on its wine offerings.

Crushing the boundaries of grape growing and winemaking in Canada.

From grape to glass, our people are insanely progressive and very hands-on! We obsess over quality in order to create some of Quebec’s most powerful and precocious wines.

CARONE is proud to be recognized as the first Quebec winery to receive international medals for its red wines and is on the wine lists of the Province’s top restaurants.

CARONE wines are sought out worldwide by consumers who appreciate our relentless devotion to perfection, outside the bottle thinking and commitment to quality.
We normally ship within two business days of receiving your order. Shipping time is additional, depending on the method of shipment you select. Normally, orders cannot be changed once placed. Since alcohol is unlike any other product, CARONE must comply with legislation governing the sale of alcoholic beverages. This requires that every effort be made to ensure that CARONE products are sold and delivered only to individuals 18 years or older in Quebec and 19 years or older in the rest of Canada.
The client may return a defective product (e.g. corked) or broken bottle. Our return policy enables the client to obtain an exchange for defective products, the bottle returned must be at least three-quarters full and bought within the previous year. In the case of a broken bottle, please contact Foodie Pages Customer Support at [email protected] within 2 days of receipt of your order.

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BIN 33 Rose - SOLD OUT

BIN 33 Rose - SOLD OUT Vignoble CARONE Wines

$17.00 - $200.00

BIN 33 White - SOLD OUT

BIN 33 White - SOLD OUT Vignoble CARONE Wines

$17.00 - $200.00

DOUBLE BARREL by Anthony Carone 2011 - SOLD OUT

DOUBLE BARREL by Anthony Carone 2011 - SOLD OUT Vignoble CARONE Wines

$55.00 - $220.00

ITALUS Nebbiolo 2015

ITALUS Nebbiolo 2015 Vignoble CARONE Wines

$28.00 - $330.00

VENICE Cabernet Severnyi - SOLD OUT

VENICE Cabernet Severnyi - SOLD OUT Vignoble CARONE Wines

$28.00 - $300.00

VENICE Pinot Noir 2015

VENICE Pinot Noir 2015 Vignoble CARONE Wines

$35.00 - $400.00

VERITÀ Red 2014

VERITÀ Red 2014 Vignoble CARONE Wines

$18.00 - $210.00