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From Apple Butters and Ice Wine Jelly, to our signature Veggie Caviar and Dulce de Leche Chocolate Fondue Spreads, we at Caramoomel Natural Fine Food Creations take pride in creating delicious, gourmet fare. Our ingredients are tree-ripened fruits, hand-picked vegetables grown at our farm in Kelowna, distinctive Okanagan Wines, pure 100% Canadian milk, the highest quality chocolate and spices. Based on heritage family recipes, you will love our all natural and gluten free jams, jellies and spreads.
Caramoomel Natural Fine Food Creations has been making delicious gluten-free jam and spreads for twenty two years. We are: Antonia Dudka, President & Chief Product Developer; Catalina Dudka, CEO, marketing; and last but not least Alex Dudka Farmer & Official Taste Tester.

We started as a more efficient way to earn a living from our 20 acre farm in the Okanagan Valley in BC. We had been growing gorgeous fruits and veggies for a number of years, and we decided to combine our love of great food with the emergent market for gourmet handmade edibles. That is how Caramoomel was born.

As one of the first products we created was our version of the South American delicacy Dulce de Leche a Caramel spread, we used it to inspire our company name Cara – moo – mel (Caramel with ”˜moo’ in the middle) since then we have increased our product line to the 20 different spreads & sauces we feature today.
We usually ship within 2 business days of receiving order. We ship with Canada Post standard parcel speed, if you need something shipped at a faster rate please contact Foodie Pages Customer Support at orders@foodiepages.ca to make arrangements.
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If the product arrives undamaged and does not meet your expectations, we will replace or refund the product cost, provided you contact Foodie Pages Customer Support at orders@foodiepages.ca within 2 days of receipt of your order and you have complied with any return of unused product that we have asked of you. We are not responsible for: deliveries damaged from shipping; incomplete or inaccurate delivery addresses; nor recipients not being at the delivery address to receive delivery.

We do not allow orders to be changed or cancelled once they are placed.

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All Vegetable Antipasto

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Dulce de Leche Caramel Spread

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Garlic & Eggplant Spread

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Hot Garlic Pepper Wine Jelly

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Spicy Ginger Apple Butter

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Veggie Caviar

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