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Every Dinette Nationale candy, chocolate and confection is made in Montreal with mighty ingredients. Close your eyes and enjoy the ride.
Erica and Catherine make sweet things

Erica and Catherine were both born in 1977 to parents who didn’t listen to the Sex Pistols. They both love rhubarb, Jura wines, doing things their way, reading cookbooks before bed, lighting the fireplace, and visiting their hairdresser. They’re not big fans of tilapia, rude people, Australians that leave stains, the Beatles, or the taste of artificial watermelon.

In 2008, wanting to get more socially involved and help improve the lives of their fellow citizens, they decided to join powers and offer Montrealers something essential to their happiness: caramel.

The first tests were very exciting. So Catherine gave up everything and went back to school, officially becoming a confectioner at the Institut de tourisme et d'hotellerie du Quebec in 2009.

As she was in such a hurry to launch Dinette Nationale, she didn’t get to cook alongside Patrice Demers, Michelle Marek or Pierre Hermé. Her big idea was to do everything herself, all by hand ”” except washing the dishes!

Catherine bakes simply: she chooses the highest quality base ingredients and transforms them patiently. No preservatives, no artificial flavours, no strange colouring. Catherine has a ball. She explores flavours that are sometimes uncommon, sometimes traditional, but always totally delectable.

Where does Erica fit in all this? She has the most important role of all: taste tester. As well, she supports, advises, plans, coordinates, encourages and spreads the word. The rest of the time, she drinks cocktails in a hut in Honolulu (doesn't she just wish!) and in real life, she makes raplapla dolls in Montreal.
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