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Have you ever tasted something that was unforgettable? A food that made you pause, savour each morsel and think:

Where was this made?

Who made this?

How can I get more?

Eat My Shortbread is that food.

Eat My Shortbread is that company.

Eat My Shortbread is that good.

Started in 1994, Eat My Shortbread is commited to providing customers and other retailers with the very best in baked treats and snacks.
The original recipe was born over 75 years ago in a family kitchen in Ireland. Passed down through three generations, it landed on the doorstep of a century home in Markham, Ontario. Adapting it, adding to it and making it her own, Trisha Bower created her company, Eat My Shortbread. Specializing in handmade and nut free premium baked goods that your grandmother might have made, Trisha has brought Eat My Shortbread from a tiny kitchen to a commercial manufacturing centre with a retail store.

As soon as we get your order from FoodiePages we will bake it, cut it and package it for you. Then we will get it off to you asap. This usually takes 48-36 hours, in our busiest times it may be up to a week. We promise to stay in touch with you so you know what we are up to with your order.

Note that Canada Post shipping times are in addition to this, and based on the shipping method which you select during checkout.
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If the product arrives undamaged and does not meet your expectations, please contact Foodie Pages Customer Support at [email protected] within 2 days of receipt of your order.

You must comply with any return of unused product that we ask of you. We are not responsible for: deliveries damaged from shipping; incomplete or inaccurate delivery addresses; nor recipients not being at the delivery address to receive delivery.

Contact FoodiePages Customer Support to assist with these matters.

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