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Welcome back. The 2019 garlic season has begun. The crop looks excellent. Following harvest, proper curing, trimming and cleaning -- shipping will commence on Wednesday August 14. After a record season with FoodiePages last year, we are eagerly looking forward to sending fresh Ontario garlic across the country this season.

We grow premium quality garlic in Paisley, Ontario. We believe only the finest product should leave the property to be enjoyed by the 'foodies’, 'fine-dining’ chefs, and fresh produce retailers that have come to know and enjoy our product over the years.

See ‘Shipping’ for further details.
We had been growing garlic for some years before going commercial in 1996. Twenty-three years later, we have a loyal (and growing) client base that includes ‘foodies’ and local produce retailers, plus, we enjoy associations with world-class chefs in Muskoka, Barrie, Toronto, and right here in the Grey-Bruce region of Ontario.

The variety we grow is ‘Music’. It has proven to be a solid and reliable cultivar that thrives in our seasonal extremes. It has a robust and tangy flavour, and after proper curing, trimming and cleaning, will last (stored in a cool/dry location) throughout the winter.
Advance orders can now be taken for shipment on August 14 2019.

As you may know, ‘seed garlic’ is planted in the fall. During the winter it sets a root system that can be 30 cm deep. The plants bolt through whatever snow there is left in April, and grow vigorously throughout May and June. Harvest occurs in July and three weeks are required to cure, trim and properly clean the bulbs for best storage.
Our experience is that garlic ships very well. We use sturdy boxes that contain 3 lb (1.36 kg) of bulbs -- approximately 18 to 20 depending on individual size.

Wednesday is shipping day. Orders and labels received from FoodiePages by Tuesday midnight will be filled, then shipped the next day.
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If the product arrives undamaged yet does not meet your expectations, we will replace it, or refund the product cost, provided you contact Foodie Pages Customer Support at [email protected] within 2 days of receipt of your order and you have complied with any return of unused product that we have asked of you.

We are not responsible for: deliveries damaged from shipping; incomplete or inaccurate delivery addresses; nor recipients not being at the delivery address to receive delivery.

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