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Long Dog Vineyard has a total of 25,000 vines over 20 acres: 11,000 Pinot Noir; 9,000 Chardonnay; 3,000 Pinot Gris; and 2,000 Gamay. We typically make about 3500 cases, all with grapes only from our vineyards.

In September the entire vineyard is netted against birds (an electric fence surrounds the vineyard to keep out the raccoons). Depending on the weather, harvesting begins between mid-September into October. All the processing is done on site. The grapes are hand-picked and sorted, then crushed and de-stemmed. Pinot Gris and Chardonnay are left on their skins for 24 hours and then pressed out. The Gris goes into stainless steel tanks and the Chardonnay is barrel fermented using various ages of wood. Pinot Noir is left on its skins for up to 10 days in cold-soak maceration. Depending on the vintage, native or cultured yeast is used in fermentation. The wine is pressed, racked and aged in French oak for up to 24 months.

After harvest we select canes that are laid down on a low wire and hill dirt over them for the. We have invented several tractor attachments to make this process more efficient, including de-hilling in the spring.

The secret to great wine is healthy, ripe fruit. If you look after the vineyard properly, have a decent growing season, ideally hot and dry, and don’t over crop the vines, you will be rewarded with wine that is loaded with the flavours unique to the region where the grapes are grown. But don’t just take our word for it, go ahead and taste for yourself.
In 1997 we had the opportunity to purchase a 300 acre farm, complete with a lovely mid-19th century home and out buildings. We’d already fallen in love with Prince Edward County over several visits, so jumped at the opportunity to have a ”˜weekend getaway’ spot. James and I moved our film editing business and started to settle in. Of course, the wine lover in James soon became intrigued by the surrounding small vineyards, and that led to research, soil sampling, and several consultations later, the conclusion that our land was so much like the ”˜terroir’ of Burgundy, and well, the rest is history, as they say. Our friend Steven, James and I planted our first 1200 vines in 1999 – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. They thrived that summer, in the dry heat and wonderful limestone dirt, and so a further 3700 vines were planted the following spring. Of course, James was fully committed by that point – so, 7000 more vines were planted in 2001, including some Pinot Gris.

Our first good sized crop was in 2002, and we renovated the old pig barn into a small winery. Looking back, we now smile at our first fermentation – not really knowing what we were going or how all the new equipment worked. However it seems the wine really is “made” in the vineyard, and the grapes produced proper French style Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. So, the big barn was renovated, another 8000 vines were planted, and we began selling wine in the spring of 2004.

With 10 vintages behind us and vines that are maturing well, we are convinced that ”˜The County’ is one of the best homes in the work for Pinot Noir and cool climate Chardonnay. The reward for this challenging work is seeing the pleasure it brings to customers like you!

And why ”˜Long Dog’ you ask? I grew up with dachshunds, and James gave me a wire-haired dachshund puppy for my 30th birthday. Now, we’re both devoted to the breed, and the name of our vineyard always makes us smile.

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2009 Pinot Noir - Top Dog Long Dog Vineyard