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Discover Nanny Hudson’s Homestyle Ketchup and our latest product, Homestyle Relish, well-loved condiments on the tables of generations of the Hudson family!
Nanny Hudson’s Homestyle Relish made its appearance on the Hudson dinner table at Burnbrae Farm in Lyn, Ontario about 100 years ago. We understand that our grandmother, Evelyn Hudson, learned the basics of this recipe from a neighbour at a nearby farm. She adapted the recipe to suit her family.

Our grandmother, Nanny Hudson, started preserving fruit and vegetables after she married our grandfather, Arthur Hudson, in the early 1900s. True to her thrifty Scottish roots, she kept her fast growing family well-fed by "putting down" whatever Arthur grew in his large garden during the summer months. She also preserved dozens of jars of peaches and pears. By the time the autumn leaves fell, her basement shelves were filled to the rafters with quart jars of homemade ketchup, relish, pickles, apple sauce, vegetables and fruit, enough to feed her family and guests throughout the winter.

The two family favourites were the homemade ketchup and relish. Nanny taught her three daughters and two daughters-in-law how to make both. Many of her sixteen grandchildren enjoyed these preserves, and they went on to make them for their own families, passing the recipes on through generations. Jars given as gifts have been happily received by friends and relatives who didn’t have enough time to make these family favourites for themselves.

A few years ago, a couple of the Hudson cousins started wondering why Burnbrae had never considered making Nanny Hudson's recipes to produce ketchup and relish for the market. The cousins had always known that nothing went better with scrambled eggs and omelettes than a big spoonful of Nanny's ketchup and that her relish was a burger's best friend. Sadly, no one listened … until Margaret Hudson, President of Burnbrae Farms, ran out of these two treasures and had no time to make them!

It is now with enormous pride that the Hudsons from Burnbrae Farms offer you the opportunity to enjoy our family favourites. These preserves, with their beautiful aromas and natural ingredients, evoke so many happy memories of our cherished Nanny Hudson. We hope that as you savour these products, you share in her warmth and love as well.
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