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The vines come from France.
The limestone soil is all Southern Ontario.
The taste and nose are from me.
I invite you to experience my experience!

Norman Hardie
Every wine is unique. And while the "terroir" is vitally important, the winemaker's unique character and experience - in my case, a ten year journey from a mere wine lover to a winemaker - are central to a really great wine's soul!

I started with the old masters, studying wine at the University of Dijon, apprenticing with the masters in Burgundy, and working nights in top restaurants, developing an understanding of food and wine connoisseurs.

My travels then took me to the most innovative Pinot Noir vineyards of the New World - California, Oregon, South Africa and New Zealand.

People ask what attracted me to Prince Edward County. After all, I was born in South Africa and had travelled just about everywhere. Well, right from the beginning, I was enamored with Pinot Noir. And I decided there's no better terroir than the calcareous limestone and clay in the County. So, Oliver Lennox-King and I acquired 86 acres in 2002.

Only then was it time for my real life's journey to begin! I started planting in 2003. Ian Starkey, an architect who specializes in rural Ontario building, designed the winery. We travelled around the County and finally settled on a "modern barn". Despite construction delays of all kinds, it was sufficiently finished in 2004 that we could actually 'make wine'. And, through passion and commitment, we've been pushing the envelope, raising the quality each year until our Pinot Noir is a real standout, not to mention our Chardonnays - true Burgundian style wines (I'd place the Pinot Gris somewhere between the Alsace and the Alto Adige). I'm very grateful that my wines have met such outstanding critical acclaim.
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Pinot Noir Unfiltered 2011

Pinot Noir Unfiltered 2011 Norman Hardie Winery


Riesling 2013

Riesling 2013 Norman Hardie Winery