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Off the Grid Woodworking creates beauty in your kitchen by blending the sensuous feel and look of wood in concert with designs that are unique. A functional kitchen tool does not have to look utilitarian. Beauty and function can harmonize, stimulating the senses of sight and touch while you create in the kitchen. When you are in the kitchen for a few moments or several hours, make it an experience to enjoy!
We are a semi-retired couple in northern Alberta who enjoy and appreciate the gifts that nature brings to our doorstep. Having been blessed with a plot of land that stimulates artistic expression through the use of wood, we also live ‘off the grid’, our source of power being solar energy. Therefore, our creations are made using the clean energy generated by the sun. Bev is a woodturner, creating food-safe woodenware that is functional while highlighting the natural beauty of the wood. Ben's wood projects take him beyond the kitchen.

Our philosophy is:
- treat the land, air, and water with respect
- use what we need, but keep our needs simple
- be mindful of our footprint
- source materials that minimize the impact on human and animal health
- live life in gratitude to God
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Candle Centrepiece Cedar

Candle Centrepiece Cedar Off The Grid Woodworking


Coffee Scoop

Coffee Scoop Off The Grid Woodworking


Grain Mill Hopper Cover

Grain Mill Hopper Cover Off The Grid Woodworking


Sold Log Kitchen Table Centrepiece #109

Sold Log Kitchen Table Centrepiece #109 Off The Grid Woodworking