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Located down by the shores of Lake Erie, Ontario Popping Corn Co. has been growing the best popcorn for the past 24 years. We are a family run business that takes pride in our products. All of the hybrids have been selectively chosen, meticulously harvested, cleaned and packaged for you right here on our own farms in southwestern Ontario.

Our products are Foodland recognized, Local Food Plus certified, GMO free and certified organic. We also grow the tasty white hull-less variety that has much less of a hull and is very pleasing to the palate. Give our tasty varieties a try: strawberry red, shamu blue, purple passion, white hull-less and traditional yellow. There is a flavour and a texture for everyone when it comes to our popping corn.

Explore popping corn as you never have before!
We are Blair and Livia Townsend. We own and operate three farms, totalling 150 hectares, and grow popping corn, but not just any popping corn - truly gourmet popping corn.

Blair's family were tobacco farmers in Norfolk County, and we transformed the farm into popping corn in 1988. Just like tobacco, popping corn needs to be dried before being sold, so we converted the old tobacco kilns into popcorn kilns. This enabled us to work with the white hull-less variety, which grows on too soft a stalk to dry in the field.

We dry our cobs whole, and have pioneered a novel Ontario-grown popcorn treat - Pop-A-Cobs - dried, whole cobs of corn that, when placed in a paper bag in the microwave, pop up into siz cups of glorious, fluffy popcorn. With this method, there are no added fats or chemicals - just naked popping corn. Kids love these cobs of corn, as they can eat a few of the kernels right off the cob (and learn a bit about where popcorn comes from in the process).

Our popping corn is LFP-certified, GMO- and pesticide-free corn. A great, healthy snack!
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