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7 years ago, 4th generation farmer Jason Persall had a vision of supplying gourmet foodies with pure Canadian gourmet artisan foods. Today his brand Pristine Gourmet cold presses virgin canola, sunflower and soybean oils, produces edamame, wine vinegars and more to the retail and food service industry.
Born and raised on a 4th generation family farm in southern Ontario, Jason’s passion for food and farming shines thru from seed to finished product. With this vision and passion for the food industry Jason designed and built a press mill to cold press virgin canola, sunflower and soybean oils. His deep rooted passion follows from field to fork all while taking in on the provenance and flavours of the region. The brand Pristine Gourmet serves hundreds of high end restaurants and retail stores across Ontario, Quebec and western Canada which has led to many praising reviews and awards through mainstream media. Jason and his products have been featured in MacLeans, The Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Saveur, Toronto Life, Food & Drink and also played a role on Iron Chef America. The core business focus today is the press mill and edamame production with other added gourmet products like wine vinegars, edible beans, pulses and soy flours. With following the food trend of local, healthy and sustainability Jason has fostered innovating ideas with products, packaging and marketing. His farm along with his brand recognize, protect and foster growth with there local bio diversity. With passion.....from our fields to your table...
All products are shipped from our warehouse in Waterford, Ontario using Canada Post. Typical time frames for shipping are 2-3 business days.

All shipments are sent Expedited Parcel unless requested otherwise by the customer in which additional charges may apply.
Any item(s) that you deem unsatisfactory will receive a store credit upon your request, as long as you let us know the details of the problem within 5 business days of having received your order. We will not make you return the goods to us to claim the store credit. This is a very liberal return policy and we reserve the right to become stricter if we feel our trust is being taking advantage of.

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Blueberry Infused Wine Vinegar

Blueberry Infused Wine Vinegar Pristine Gourmet

$9.99 - $118.00

Cold Pressed Virgin Canola Oil

Cold Pressed Virgin Canola Oil Pristine Gourmet

$8.99 - $105.00

Cold Pressed Virgin Soybean Oil

Cold Pressed Virgin Soybean Oil Pristine Gourmet

$8.99 - $105.00

Cold Pressed Virgin Sunflower Oil

Cold Pressed Virgin Sunflower Oil Pristine Gourmet

$8.99 - $105.00

Maple Infused Wine Vinegar

Maple Infused Wine Vinegar Pristine Gourmet

$9.99 - $118.00

Raspberry Infused Wine Vinegar

Raspberry Infused Wine Vinegar Pristine Gourmet

$9.99 - $118.00