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Sinai Gourmet makes uniquely flavourful speciality hot pepper coulis for the discerning palate. Our locally made coulis are like a hot sauce but have no artificial ingredients, colourants, or preservatives and contain only the best all natural, fresh, and premium ingredients. This makes our Sinai Gourmet Hot Pepper Coulis low-sodium and extremely versatile in the kitchen.

Furthermore since our coulis are vinegar-free and not fermented or pickled like ordinary hot sauces, they don’t change the flavour of your favourite ingredient or recipe. Instead they enhance the taste and complexity while adding the heat you desire! This truly is the next evolution in heat!
Sinai Gourmet was founded in 2011 with the realization that the world of hot sauce needed to evolve and adapt to a new generation of gastronomic and fine dining experiences. We sought to create a product for those of us who eat for more than just sustenance. For those who take the time to do their grocery shopping, select the right ingredients, opt for the best of restaurants, and live to eat passionately!

Today we’ve built a family affair with a line of products at the heart of our passion for great food. Our products are designed to deliver a balance of perfect heat and flavour which is why hot sauce connoisseurs can’t believe this didn’t exist already! After years of pouring our sweat and tears into development (our ghost peppers literally made us cry), we offer a variety of heat levels matching a individual’s tolerance, each with fresh and flavourful taste profile that that can be enjoyed by all cultures and cuisines. Give us a try: it might just change your life!
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