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The product starts out the same as ice wine: Grapes are kept hanging on the vine well into winter and are not picked until temperatures hit a minimum -8°C. Sweet and Sticky uses grapes that come from the growing regions of Niagara because, according to founder Steve Murdza, the location nestled between the escarpment and the lake helps Niagara to produce the best icewine and now Ice Syrup. Instead of letting the juice ferment into an alcoholic wine, the liquid is kept as pure grape juice. The Ice Syrup is produced by slowly evaporating freshly-pressed icewine juice until its sugar content and viscosity resemble that of maple syrup, the non-alcoholic product boasts a refreshing balance of sweetness and acidity.
The Indian summer of Niagara’s autumn followed by the early winter frosts and snowfalls create an environment in which grapes will naturally dehydrate, freeze, thaw, and ultimately freeze solid while hanging naturally on the vine. From the frozen depths of a Canadian winter and with the spirit of those who welcome it, we bring you Ice Syrup.

The idea came to Niagara-on-the- Lake grower Steve Murdza about nine years ago after bringing in a haul of frozen grapes. Instead of turning the sweet, concentrated berries into icewine, why not try making a nonalcoholic syrup? After all, fans of Niagara's signature dessert wine know it can be pretty thick and very sweet -- kind of like another Canadian favourite: maple syrup. So Murdza, a second-generation grape grower, set out to create what he hopes will be the next iconic Canadian product: Ice Syrup.

These grapes are then harvested and pressed while still frozen, yielding the intense flavour profile of Ice Syrup, uniquely created in the Niagara Peninsula. This fruit of winter has become legendary, characterized by naturally rich fruit flavours with an ideal sugar acid balance to match. Ice Syrup will take its place in the world as a Canadian one of a kind.
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