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Finely crafted from pure, natural birch sap, The Canadian Birch Company syrups embody the essence and aromas of the vast forests of Central Canada. From our first-tap Amber Gold Birch Syrup to the late-season Dark Birch Syrup, every bottle is a labour of love that showcases the quality and passion of our master craftsmen.

We invite you to explore the unique, complex and subtle flavours of our birch syrup offerings, and discover how our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and innovation sets The Canadian Birch Company apart as the gold standard for birch syrup.
We are a proudly Canadian company bringing you distinct flavours from the land we live on. As a company and as individuals, we are dedicated to the art of making gourmet birch syrup.

Our birch estate above the shores of Lake Winnipeg’s south basin in Manitoba, Canada, is home to some of the world’s most pristine birch forests. Just as the Scottish Highlands produce the world’s greatest whiskies and France’s Champagne region is the only source for true Champagne, these trees produce the finest birch sap and syrup in the world. Ideal soil conditions – the result of glacial retreat in the last Ice Age – allow our trees to flourish and produce clear, pure sap.

Our source is one reason for the distinct, rich flavours of our syrups that set them apart from others. The depth of flavour and the fruitiness and finish of our syrups is second to none. From our forest to your kitchen, we are committed to bringing you the gold standard of birch syrup.
We ship every Thursday. Once an order is placed, it cannot be changed or cancelled.
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If the product arrives undamaged and does not meet your expectations, we will replace or refund the product cost, provided you contact Foodie Pages Customer Support at [email protected] within 2 days of receipt of your order and you have complied with any return of unused product that we have asked of you. We are not responsible for: deliveries damaged from shipping; incomplete or inaccurate delivery addresses; nor recipients not being at the delivery address to receive delivery.

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Amber Birch Syrup

Amber Birch Syrup The Canadian Birch Company


Amber Gold Birch Syrup

Amber Gold Birch Syrup The Canadian Birch Company


Dark Birch Syrup

Dark Birch Syrup The Canadian Birch Company