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“We want to restore maple syrup to its former glory; we want to take it out of the sugar shack and its folklore.”
In January 2014, Denis Fontaine decided to acquire the family sugar bush belonging to Yvette and Jean-Guy Fontaine for almost 40 years.
Denis grew up in the sugar bush. From his earliest years, he and his brother took part in the various stages of the manufacture of maple syrup. Despite training in industrial mechanics, it was out of the question that Denis spends a spring without making the sugars!
Today, it is the whole family that puts their efforts to produce the liquid gold. Although Denis is the owner, Jean-Guy and Yvette are never far away to transmit all their knowledge and continue to work at the sugar shack every spring!
Each spring, the Fontaine family welcomes customers who come directly to the maple bush to buy the maple products and to take the opportunity to visit the owner and learn more about the maple syrup!
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Cinnamon Maple Spread

Cinnamon Maple Spread Tout-à-l'érable


Coriander Maple Spread

Coriander Maple Spread Tout-à-l'érable


Ginger Maple Spread

Ginger Maple Spread Tout-à-l'érable


Lavender Maple Spread

Lavender Maple Spread Tout-à-l'érable


Maple and Lavender tea

Maple and Lavender tea Tout-à-l'érable


Maple brie toppers

Maple brie toppers Tout-à-l'érable


Maple Mustard

Maple Mustard Tout-à-l'érable


Maple Pepper

Maple Pepper Tout-à-l'érable


Maple Sea Salt (Maple Fleur de sel)

Maple Sea Salt (Maple Fleur de sel) Tout-à-l'érable


Maple Spread with Coffee Chips

Maple Spread with Coffee Chips Tout-à-l'érable


Mini  assorted maple spread (6x 40g)

Mini assorted maple spread (6x 40g) Tout-à-l'érable


Organic Maple Spread

Organic Maple Spread Tout-à-l'érable


Organic Maple Sugar

Organic Maple Sugar Tout-à-l'érable


Organic Maple Syrup

Organic Maple Syrup Tout-à-l'érable