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Ultimately Chocolate, a Manitoulin Island-based chocolate maker and confectioner, is devoted to bringing unique chocolate experiences to its customers. We use all-natural and organic (where possible) ingredients for our bean-to-bar chocolate, and we use organic and Fair Trade chocolate for all our truffles and confections so you can feel good knowing that when you treat yourself, you have chosen something truly real with no hydrogenated oils or added preservatives. Our goal is to operate in a socially and environmentally conscious way, while producing rich and luxurious chocolate and dessert experiences.

Ultimately Chocolate is the producer of the chocolate TOFFLE(TM), a tasty truffle and toffee combination made from organic, high quality chocolate. It was born from a desire to create a completely unique fine chocolate that satisfies both milk and dark chocolate lovers. The TOFFLE(TM) is made in Gore Bay, Ontario.
Ultimately Chocolate's owner, Lisabeth Flanagan, developed a passion for chocolate at a very young age. That passion intensified when she spent a year in France and began to see the world of chocolate and desserts with new eyes. Many hours were spent in chocolatier’s shops in every city she visited to discover as much about European chocolate as she could.

Since then, Lisabeth has spent endless hours recreating the best desserts that she tasted in Europe, studying and reviewing chocolate for The Ultimate Chocolate Blog, working with couverture chocolate to make confections and learning to make bean-to-bar chocolate. When she and her family moved to Manitoulin Island in 2008, she saw a need in Northern Ontario for top quality and richly delicious chocolate & desserts. With a bachelor of commerce degree and a Masters in International Business, where she focused her studies on food marketing, she decided it was time to turn her passion for chocolate into a new career.

Ultimately Chocolate’s signature product, the chocolate TOFFLE(TM), was created because of Lisabeth’s love of chocolate truffles, a passion for organic and fairly traded chocolate, and a need to introduce her own secret recipe for rich, dark chocolate toffee to the world. The TOFFLE(TM) is a treat that truly satisfies the cravings of both milk and dark chocolate lovers. Her love of all bean to bar chocolate and single origin cocoa beans, and her appreciation for craft chocolate makers, cacao farmers, importers and anyone who devotes their lives to cacao, led her to making a line of bean to bar chocolate, including the award-winning Maple 80% dark chocolate bar, and the award winning Buttermilk 48% chocolate bar.

For more information on Ultimately Chocolate, visit www.ultimatelychocolate.com. Also visit Lisabeth's blog at www.ultimatechocolateblog.blogspot.ca to learn about fine chocolate from around the world, and to get valuable chocolate-making tips with a focus on all-natural ingredients. Or follow on Twitter @ultimatelychoc and Instagram @ultimatelychocolate!
Please allow 48 hours lead time prior to shipping as the chocolate TOFFLE(TM) is made fresh for each order. Also, we prefer to ship orders on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays in order to maintain the freshness of your TOFFLEs. In the summer months, ice packs will be included with your order, as the chocolate TOFFLE(TM) is susceptible to melting in high temperatures.
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If the product arrives undamaged and does not meet your expectations, we will replace or refund the product cost, provided you contact Foodie Pages Customer Support at [email protected] within 2 days of receipt of your order and you have complied with any return of unused product that we have asked of you. We are not responsible for: deliveries damaged from shipping; incomplete or inaccurate delivery addresses; nor recipients not being at the delivery address to receive delivery.

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