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At Untamed Feast, we are patrons of all things wild. Nature effortlessly provides the best tasting and most nutritious foods. We believe it’s time for you to experience them in your own kitchen. To us, wild food means food that is not grown or planted. A lot of products on the market and even on restaurant menus use 'wild’ in reference to an ingredient that was once collected in its perfect state from its natural environment but that is now mass cultivated and hybridized.

100 % of our mushrooms are gourmet, edible species that cannot be farmed or cultivated. They are gathered from secret, wild, and remote forests the old fashioned way; with high hopes, hard hiking, and years of experience. Our sea vegetables are delicately harvested off the coast of Haida Gwaii and our wild rice grows naturally in the lakes of the northern Manitoba.

Untamed Feast was born on Vancouver Island and now operates out of the charming city of St. Albert, AB, which is where you will find us should we happen to not be in the forest.
The mushroom kingdom is as vast as the vegetable kingdom. Beyond button, portabello, and shitaki mushrooms there are gourmet, nutritional, super ingredients for you to play with in your kitchen. And just like your garden tomato is so much more satisfying than the grocery store tomato, wild mushrooms versus farmed will surprise and delight you with their flavor, aroma, and texture.

Every spring and fall, we hand harvest gourmet, wild mushrooms from remote forests in Western Canada. Planning each mushroom season requires a lot of time and experience based on previous harvests. The mushrooms we work with cannot be cultivated or farmed. We chose only, well-known, gourmet edible species. These species include, but are not limited to: Morels, Porcini, Lobster, Chanterelles, and Pine mushrooms, Hedgehog.

We hand process and dry the mushrooms the same day as the harvest, in a mobile drier, using wood heat. In many ways dried mushrooms are a superior product to fresh mushrooms. They are concentrated in flavour (think grape vs raisin). They have a very long shelf life and thus are available to you all year round. They are also cleaner and easier to work with than fresh mushrooms.

Our line of straight up mushroom packages have gourmet recipes inside and our ready to go products allow the ”˜lazy chef’ to share in the gourmet experience. You can join the mushroom adventure by watching harvest videos as well as well as cooking demonstrations on our website www.untamedfeast.com.
Ships ASAP via Canada Post. Expedited.
100% satisfaction guaranteed, return for refund if you are in any way not over the top thrilled.

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