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Welcome to Heaps Handworks. Our name HEAPS represents the things we value in life: Health, Energy, Abundance, following our Passion, and Sharing with others. We hand-draw all of our whimsical illustrations, and then we personally silk-screen each print by hand onto eco friendly housewares and apparel. Each item we create in our home studio is unique and personal. If you have a custom order request about a color and design combination, feel free to ask; we will make every effort to accommodate your wishes.
We are Mark and Cynthia LeBreton, owners of H.E.A.P.S. Handworks. The name HEAPS is all about the things that we value most in life ... Health, Energy, Abundance, following our Passion, and Sharing with other people. We love quality, handmade goods ourselves and wanted to create pieces that other people can enjoy too. We hand-pull each screen print onto premium quality tea towels and napkins that are made from renewable fibers like recycled cotton and organic cotton, using eco friendly inks.

Our designs reflect the things that inspire us or make us smile. Things like animals with personality ... because animals are really the best people ... and vintage kitchen wares that are reminiscent of simpler times ... and things that bring back favorite memories like driving in the family's VW ... and of course the most inspiring thing - food! We hope you'll enjoy these designs, too, with friends and family as you share meals and memories together.

About our name...

Our name H.E.A.P.S is about the things we value in life and believe will create a fuller life experience: Health, Energy, Abundance, Passion and Sharing.

Health – our physical health is our most valuable personal asset, and a lack of health can affect every aspect of our lives, from finances to friendships. Take time to eat well, exercise, relax, and build relationships. It's worth the investment.

Energy is about laughing, loving, exercising, playing, and working hard at something you love to do. We believe these things actually create more energy in our lives and our physical bodies.

Abundance – we live on a planet with abundant resources. Yes, we’ve misused some resources and hoarded others, but ultimately there is enough to go around when we learn to use our resources wisely and when we share with others.

Passion – follow your passion in life and explore your interests. We love handmade artwork, and now we create images that bring a smile to your day. What is it that you love to do? Find a way to do it!

Sharing – when everyone shares, there’s enough to go around. Although we think this is true on a global scale, the place to start is with us. Our business shares donations with local charity organizations that bring resources and education to people who have had less opportunity in life.

Heaps to you!
We print every item uniquely for your order and our processing time is 3-5 business days prior to dropping your items off at our local post office. We ship from Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada. Please note that delivery times vary significantly based on your location, efficiency of your postal service and any holidays during transit. We are not responsible for any delays in transit. If you need your item on a “rush” basis, please let us know in the Special Instructions during checkout, and select Priority or Xpresspost for faster delivery.
We want you to have an enjoyable buying experience from us. We take great care in ensuring that we accurately present our products in our photos and descriptions. Quality is important to us and we inspect every piece that we create and send to you.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please email [email protected] within 5 business days of receipt. We take pride in our work and we value our customers. We’ll be happy to work with you to make your experience a positive one!

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Canvas Market Tote - Screen Printed Chef Lobster in Red

Canvas Market Tote - Screen Printed Chef Lobster in Red Heaps Screen Printing & Engraving


Canvas Market Tote - Screen Printed Cow in Red

Canvas Market Tote - Screen Printed Cow in Red Heaps Screen Printing & Engraving


Canvas Market Tote - Screen Printed Pig in Coral Pink

Canvas Market Tote - Screen Printed Pig in Coral Pink Heaps Screen Printing & Engraving


Christmas Reindeer Tea Towel

Christmas Reindeer Tea Towel Heaps Screen Printing & Engraving