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Petits Mots Maison stemmed from a gift idea for a friend's wedding. My small sketches of the couples dogs became thank you cards and what followed was the beginning of Petits Mots.
Freehand sketches and line drawings are hand-silkscreened onto tea towels, pillows, aprons, placemats and notecards, all of which are produced locally in Montreal.
I am inspired by the local market produce which makes its’ way from my basket to the kitchen table. There it becomes a drawing for our tea towels and housewares (I have cooked up many an inspiration!). My style is somewhat reminiscent of the old architectural plates or Besler drawings, as I practiced architecture for 25 years before taking this small detour of the pen…
All of our tea towels and linens are printed with water based inks here in Montreal, on natural linen or 100% cotton. Our studio is located in an old mattress factory that has wonderful large industrial windows and beautiful old wood floors. It makes coming to work quite special. As a bonus we are steps away from the bike path on the Lachine Canal, and an outdoor market should I need more ideas come springtime!
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Apron/Tablier Pots mason

Apron/Tablier Pots mason petits mots


Tea Towel # 243 Carottes

Tea Towel # 243 Carottes petits mots


Tea Towel # 244 Fenouil

Tea Towel # 244 Fenouil petits mots


Tea Towel # 245 Betteraves

Tea Towel # 245 Betteraves petits mots


Tea Towel # 247 Pot Mason

Tea Towel # 247 Pot Mason petits mots


Tea Towel # 248 Maïs

Tea Towel # 248 Maïs petits mots


Tea Towel # 251 Pot Mason

Tea Towel # 251 Pot Mason petits mots


Tea Towel # 251 Rouge Pot Mason

Tea Towel # 251 Rouge Pot Mason petits mots


Tea Towel # 253 Tire bouchon

Tea Towel # 253 Tire bouchon petits mots


Tea Towel # 254 Tire bouchon

Tea Towel # 254 Tire bouchon petits mots


Tea Towel # 255 Pelles à tarte

Tea Towel # 255 Pelles à tarte petits mots


Tea Towel # 256 Champignons

Tea Towel # 256 Champignons petits mots


Tea Towel # 259 Orignal

Tea Towel # 259 Orignal petits mots


Tea Towel # 260 Orignal

Tea Towel # 260 Orignal petits mots