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Do Not Disturb


Sometimes we need to set the phone to "Do Not Disturb" and take some time. We think this will help. This collection includes:

  • Adaptogen-Infused Sparkling Water // Daydream. Daydream is Canada's first sparkling water beverage infused with hemp extracts and powerful adaptogens that work with the body's immune system for increasing focus and reducing stress & fatigue.
  • 70% Dark Chocolate // Joyà. Made with nothing but organic cacao and organic coconut sugar, our 70% dark hand-crafted chocolate is the bar for the purist. Your heavenly anytime treat and coffee's best friend.
  • Gummy Candies // C’est BONBON. New flavours, shapes and colours to discover from one of Canada's sweetest brands.

Each collection is delivered in a locally designed, recyclable gift box.