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Firm Favourites


Every year we put together a collection of our customers’ top rated products.  This year we’ve culled the list to ones that are also our current favourites. Discover some of the very best tasting small batch goods being crafted in Canada today. 

  • Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce // The Canadian Birch Company. This sauce reminds us of our launch in 2012 when Chef Anthony Walsh introduced us to birch syrup for the first time with his recipe for birch syrup caramel sauce! The Canadian Birch Company has created an equally delicious version with their delicious sauce that is the perfect topping for ice cream and desserts.
  • Honey Apple Cider Vinegar // Ontario Honey Creations. It takes six months of ageing to create the smooth and balanced flavour of this vinegar. The missing ingredient in your salad dressing.
  • Sweet & Smokey Mustard // Kozlik’s. Starting with only 40 hectares of mustard crops in Alberta in 1936, Canada has become the world's second largest exporter of this ancient condiment. And this variety of prepared mustard has quickly become our ‘go to’ condiment for grilled burgers and pork, and on sandwiches too.
  • Wild Organic Artisan Honey // Long Point Honey Company. This honey is a new find for us, and evokes the terroir of Prince Edward County. It’s delicious with a hard aged cheddar, or on toast with a soft goat cheese.
  • Buttermilk Handcrafted Artisanal 48% Milk Chocolate Bar // Ultimately Chocolate (Finnia). Winner of the bronze medal at the 2018 International Academy of Chocolate. With its sweet and savoury flavour (and low sugar content), we’re certain it will become a favourite.
  • Aioli // Smoke Show. This incredibly delicious aioli, made with lightly smoked jalapeño peppers, almost always finds its way onto our sandwiches, not to mention a grilled turkey or lamb burger.  
  • Charcoal Rub // Sebastian & Co. Fine Meats Ltd. Definitely one of the most amazing finds since we’ve been in business, this rub seals in the juices on almost all meats to hit our grills.  Made from corn husks, former Argentinian Sebastian created a rub to mimic the Asado-style barbeques of his youth.
  • Chocolate Brownie Cookies // The Finer Cookie. Freshness, handmade craft and technical innovation meet in The Finer Cookie kitchen. This is a team that loves what they do, and they do it with boundless devotion, conscientiousness, and meticulous quality control. The Finer Cookie embodies the joys of cookie creation. Their goal: to fulfill your perfectly reasonable desire for the best.

The LARGE size includes all of the above, plus,

  • Chocolate Alberta Whisky Cake. This is a hands down customer (and team) favourite. In 2003 Kamla McGonigal set out to make 'Alberta's official dessert':  a cake that was "solid, bold, rich, authentic & spirited".  The cake would be liquor-infused, to have a much longer shelf life (and rye, as the ingredients would be grown locally) and produce a more moist and richer cake.  Every AWC cake comes heat sealed and elegantly packaged, with a lithographed ‘Artist Card’ promoting the work of a local emerging artist and an ‘Art Collector Certificate of Exchange’ valued at $35 towards the purchase of an original piece of art from an ‘AWC Unbridled Spirit Artists’.  This year, AWC was a runner up in the Made In Alberta Awards - the dream come true!

Each collection comes in a recyclable printed gift box, and includes a Tasting Guide so you can learn about the makers, products and suggestions for how to use the products.