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Scotiabank's 'Crowd Pleasers' Gift Box

Scotiabank's 'Crowd Pleasers' Gift Box

Our Crowd Pleasers Gift Box is filled with crowd-pleasing snacks for those who don't know where to begin! Something for all tastes and preferences, sourced 100% from small Canadian brands. Available in three sizes. Business branding available: Scotiabank, Scotia Wealth Management, MD Financial, Jarislowsky Fraser, Roynat Capital.

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The Regular size includes the following sweet and salty shareable snacks,

  • Milk Chocolate Smoothies (6-pack) 
  • Buttery Caramel Corn
  • White Chocolate Toffee Crunch
  • Sour Mix Gummies 150g (gf)
  • Double Chocolate Shortbread 
  • Huge Organic Peanut Butter Cup (vg, gf)
  • Raspberry Pistachio Clusters 120g (vg, gf)
  • Artisan Chocolate Bar (gf)
  • Chai Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Bar (gf)
Each gift includes a story guide and a note card with a personal message from you.
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