Sell with FoodiePages.ca

Our goal is to provide food-conscious consumers with an online marketplace of the best Canadian artisan foodmakers.
Through a partnership with Foodie Pages, a producer can enhance their brand awareness and expand the reach of their products, while aligning with other quality Canadian food products and brands.  

Joining and setting up an online storefront is free. The only cost is tied to your sales. Our success depends on your success.
Apply for your shop by clicking on the link below and someone from our team will contact you.

Top Reasons To Join...

#1: Increased Exposure

Setting up your online storefront on Foodie Pages gives you the opportunity to reach passionate food-lovers and influencers ready and willing to buy and promote your tasty products.
#2: Prepaid Shipping Labels

We make shipping easy. When someone buys one of your products, Foodie Pages will send you a prepaid Canada Post shipping label right to your inbox. All you have to do is print it and attach it to your order.
#3: Personalized Online Store

We give you the power to customize your online storefront.  Each shop is tailored to showcase your business. You get the space to share your business, your story, return policy, shipping policy and what makes you special to food lovers across Canada.
#4: E-commerce Checkout

Foodie Pages gives you an online shopping cart which allows you to receive payment from a sale of one of your products. No more having to take down orders over the phone!
#5: Direct Link to Customers

We make it easy for customers to contact you if necessary. Since you ship the products to the customer directly, you will grow your customer base across Canada.
#6: Only Pay When You Sell

You don’t pay a Loonie unless you sell a product on Foodie Pages. Our fee structure is simple. We charge a reasonable commission on every order.
#7: We Put You On The Map!

By joining Foodie Pages, your business will appear on our Foodie Map, which allows potential customers to browse various food producers in their neighbourhood, town or city.
#8: Easy Order Tracking

Forget about having to file all of those paper invoices.  Producers can log into their Foodie Pages account to see the real-time status of existing orders or view past orders
#9: Facebook Integration

Customers and fans of your products can click the Facebook “Like” button, which is conveniently located beside each of your products. This is a proven marketing technique to drive awareness of your business and your products
#10: Time & Cost Savings

We`ve made selling online simple, so you can focus on making your products! Along with your shop template, we handle credit card processing and aggregate shipping costs across all sellers to get you better rates!
#11: Secure Online Transactions

Foodie Pages uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) which ensures secure e-commerce transactions. All data is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) so your information stays safe.
#12: Ultimate Flexibility

Sold out of a product? Need to add a new product to your store? No problem! Foodie Pages allows you to keep your online storefront up to date. Just log into your Foodie Pages account and after a few clicks, you’re done.