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Since day one, our goal has been to help people discover and connect with awesome, under-the radar brands. A few sleepless nights, 10 years, and a growing team later, we’re still at it. We look forward to being your destination for gifts with intention.

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Here are a few things we've always believed to be important.



Behind every great gift is a great story. We believe in creating thoughtful gifts that tell a story and deepen relationships.


Connection is a crucial part of the human experience. We create lasting connections through shared stories, values, and, most importantly, thoughtful and personalized gifts.
Love It, or Leave It

Love It, or Leave It

Every product has been tested and tasted – and then some. If it doesn't make the cut, it doesn't make it on our site.
Never Settle

Never Settle

You expect a lot from us, and that's not taken for granted. We're always hustling to earn your business, and we work extra hard for that moment of wow.
What's inside counts

We're all in on small brands.

Celebrating Makers

We are committed to sourcing small. We work with 100s of small, independently-owned businesses across Canada. We care about the stories behind each product and the passion that drives entrepreneurs from idea to launch.

Expert Curation

Our team is committed to helping you discover the most unique and exciting small batch goods from across Canada. We take chances on new brands you may not yet see elsewhere. With a wide selection of 100s of brands, you’ll have a blast discovering new trends.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our business is built on the idea that it is time to increase diversity and inclusion in corporate gifting. We source from underrepresented small businesses and independent makers, and work to share diverse perspectives.

Commitment to Quality

We cut through the noise so you don't have to, seeking out high quality goods with heart and soul. Each brand goes through a rigorous selection process to make sure we have a collection of products that are truly the best of the best.
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In an attempt to manage a health condition, Katie decided to go alcohol-free. While she didn’t miss drinking, she did miss the comfort and connection that alcohol provided in social settings. This led Katie and her sister Andrea to create a line of full-bodied, elevated sparkling waters that you can drink straight out of the can – or even mix with spirits.

Sade Baron

With the health of skin and planet top of mind, mother-daughter duo Sade and Rachel Baron set out to create a line of high-quality, vegan body care products crafted with nutrient-rich superfoods. Backed by a journey of research and experimentation, every Sade Baron product is designed to replenish, moisturize, and prep your skin so it can look and feel its best.


Charlene and Vince left their desk jobs to pursue a lifelong passion for food, and started a journey to create a perfect pairing of two loves: snacking and alcohol. Their alcohol-infused popcorns are made with non-GMO corn kernels from Ontario farms and butter from local dairy farmers.