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'Women-Owned' Snack Box

'Women-Owned' Snack Box

Sample and taste from some of our favourite women-owned Canadian snack brands. Vegan and gluten-free friendly.

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Each snack bundle includes,

Sparkling Water // Barbet. In an attempt to manage a health condition, Katie decided to go alcohol-free. While she didn’t miss drinking, she did miss the comfort and connection that alcohol provided in social settings. She saw a business opportunity and started Barbet with her sister Andrea to create full-bodied blends of elevated sparkling water.

Almond Butter Chocolate Cup // EATLOVE. Montréal-based EATLOVE is a women-owned and operated small business that makes certified organic chocolate almond butter cups with only natural ingredients. Their gluten- and dairy-free cups have a decadent and delicious nut-butter-center that is slightly crispy with a pinch of saltiness, with no refined sugar. (vg, gf)

Apple Pie Snacking Bites // Ohh! Bites. After suffering a serious peanut allergy at age 18 and noticing a lack of allergen-friendly snacks available in the market, Brittany Charlton has dedicated her life to innovating tasty and safe snacks that she can enjoy. Now, through Ohh! Foods, she shares her recipes with the world. (vg, gf)

Functional Chocolate Bar // JOYA. JOYA’s founder Ruth Elnekave is on a mission to bring people moments of everyday joy through functional foods inspired by the wisdom of traditional medicine. Tasting notes: coffee-forward with notes of spice, cream and vanilla, and a hint of brown sugar on the finish. (vg, gf)

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