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Women Owned Snack Box Gift Set

Women Owned Snack Box Gift Set

We've sought out brilliant women makers from around the country to bring some imagination and innovation to our favourite time of day: snack time. It's the perfect way to recognize special women in your life and say thank you.

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This gift set includes,

 Blueberry Dark Chocolate Superfoods // Healthy Crunch

  • Just dark chocolate and blueberries! Dark Chocolate Superfoods are made with real, whole fruits and then wrapped in 70% dark vegan chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Bananas // Nud Fud

  • These have a thin 100% dark chocolate and cacao coating. Because there are no sweeteners in the chocolate, we don’t suggest sucking it off, or letting it melt in your mouth for a long period (it will be bitter), unless you are hardcore like that! We like to chew these so the cacao mixes with the sweetness of the banana.

    Cacao Coconut Bites // Koukla Delights

    • These gluten-free macaroons are filled with organic coconut and almonds and sweetened exclusively with organic maple syrup.  Gently dehydrated so all essential vitamins and enzymes are preserved, making them a raw, healthy and delicious snack. 

    Salted Chocolate Caramel Popcorn // Comeback Snacks

    • Salty and sweet come together - crispy buttery classic caramel corn behind bars of rich salted chocolate drizzle for a taste that will make you come back for more.

    Various Flavours // Nomz

    • With the texture of a fudgy brownie and the nutty, sweet taste of a decadent treat – it’s hard to believe these almond energy bites are nutrient-dense, free from refined sugar, and made with only four pure, simple ingredients.

    Milk Chocolate Bar // Alicja Chocolates

    • Colour is a 33.6% milk chocolate bar. Creamy chocolate painted with colorful cocoa butter. This bar is both beautiful and delicious, perfect for the classic chocolate lover.

    Blood Orange Chocolate Bar // Laura Slack

    • Handmade from the finest couverture chocolate, each bar is individually painted in luxurious colours.  Hand wrapped in authentic Japanese Chiyogami paper, each bar offers a superlative visual and taste experience for the true chocolate lover. 

    Chocolate Toffee Crunch // Christy's

    • The combination of Belgian milk chocolate, roasted almonds and a buttery toffee biscuit, perfectly balances this sweet and salty treat.

      Sparkling Water // Barbet

      • Crunchy cucumber, sun-soaked pineapple, and a subtle smooch of lavender combine for a light, refreshing beverage.

      Coconut Drops // Tropix

      • A snack made from fresh coconut and just four plant-based ingredients. 

      Sweet Gummy Mix // C'est Bon Bon

      • An assortment of soft, chewy & fruity gummy candies.

      Apple Pie Snacking Bites // Ohh Foods

      • Rolled with apples, oats and topped with a dash of cinnamon, this flavour is perfect if you are craving your classic, fruity apple pie! Hearty from the oats and tart from the apple.

      Each gift collection includes a tasting guide describing the small businesses.

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